How to format drives for Windows operating system


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1) Hook up and turn on Firewire Drive

2) Click the start button in Windows 7 (the Microsoft flag icon). Then in the “search programs and files” box type C:\WINDOWS\system32\diskmgmt.msc. When diskmgnt shows on the panel, click on it to launch the program.

3) Disk Management will open

4) The Firewire drive may be any disk number depending on how many drives are in the system. In this case it is DISK 1 you can tell which one yours is by looking at the white bar next to the DISK number, it should say XXX.XX GB Unallocated.

5) Right click in the square on the disk Number (in this case “Disk 1”)

6) When the dialogue box comes up click “initialize disk”

7) Confirm the disk number by clicking “OK”

8) Now right click in the large white bar to the right that says “Unallocated”


Hard Disk Management

Hard Disk Management

9) When the dialogue box comes up click “New Partition”

10) Click Next

11) Make sure “Primary Partition” is selected, click “NEXT”

12) Make sure “Partition Size” is the same as “Maximum Disk Space” click “NEXT”

13) Click Next again

14) Make sure the screen is set as below

Hard Disk Partition

Hard Disk Partition

15) Click “NEXT”

16) Click “FINISH”

17) Close the program…….you are finished.

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